15 Amazing Miracle Stories

Reading the upcoming miracle stories and testimonials will give you a good idea of what The 15-Minute Miracle™ has done for others. We invite you to discover how you (with God’s help) can deliberately attract and consciously create a desirable quality of life on a consistent basis…even when things seem anywhere from improbable to impossible. Once you learn how to turn “bad days” into “good days” and “setbacks” into “comebacks” regardless of prevailing circumstances, you will have the wisdom, resources and wherewithal to transform your dreams into concrete realities on a consistent basis.  At the very least, you are likely to feel a much greater sense of well-being when you experiment with this process.

by Cheri Ellison-Carroll of Los Altos, California

Before discovering The 15-Minute Miracle™, my life felt like one big do-over. You’d think after spending 30 years in and out of therapy and attending over $100,000 worth of self-help seminars and workshops that I’d feel better…but I didn’t. If anything, I felt worse!

I meditated regularly and prayed till my knees were sore. I even walked across a 300-foot long  football field on hot burning coals in my bare feet! On Sundays, I often stayed for all three services at church. When this failed to bring much fulfillment, I did rebirthing work, soul retrieval, and participated in Native American sweat lodges.

When still nothing changed for the better, I took public speaking classes and filled my entire home (including my kitchen cabinets) with self-help books, audiotapes and videos.

After none of these things yielded much benefit, I felt so desperate that I agreed to participate in a process that required me to jump from the top of a telephone pole to catch a trapeze-like device. This was supposed to build my confidence and courage, but all it really did was make me realize I had been chasing the wind for over three decades.

I felt so hopeless, helpless and totally abandoned by God. I found it difficult to feel happy about much of anything. My ability to express appreciation for the positive aspects of my life was virtually non-existent. It wasn’t until I became aware of The 15-Minute Miracle™ that I even dared to hope that my life had much promise or purpose.

After attending one of Jacquelyn’s Weekend of Miracles Playshops™, my entire life began to turn around immediately!

My energy skyrocketed when I simply expressed appreciation for all that WAS working well in my life (i.e.,all of the good things in my life that I had just taken for granted). For the first time in three decades, I was totally content and felt grateful to be alive!

My self-confidence and well-being soared right off the charts. God and I were back on speaking terms. In fact, we had become best friends. At last…something to celebrate!

Even my 15-year history of severe acne rosaca and my long­-standing fear of flying completely disappeared. Not only that, my business reached levels of productivity that set all-time records. Finally, I had found what I had been searching for all of my adult life…peace of mind and a sense of sustainable joy.

And because I was so passionate about sharing The 15-Minute Miracle™ with everyone on the planet, Jacquelyn asked me to accompany her on some of her speaking engagements from time to time (another dream-come-true for me)!

Before discovering The 15-Minute Miracle™, I was always in a state of longing and yearning…waiting for circumstances to change. When I finally decided to find ways to be genuinely happy regardless of prevailing circumstances, God poured out His favor and grace like never before!

I received a miraculous physical healing and, as a result, my health has never been better…my prosperity has grown exponentially…and my AAA towing company has been acknowledged as “The Best of the Best” out of 16,000 other contractors in my industry in the entire United States and Canada.

As wonderful as all this is, the best part is that I now know what to do under ANY circumstances to thrive and prosper regardless of prevailing circumstances. I truly believe that when you discover this secret and engage in The 15-Minute Miracle™ journaling process on a regular basis, there isn’t anything you can’t accomplish!

by Brent Carroll of Menlo Park, California

If 19 years ago someone would have told me I would fall in love with Life…with God…with myself…and with that “special someone” I have waited for all of my life, I would have said they were absolutely crazy.

Well, I am here to tell you that all of this and more is exactly what happened as a result of experimenting with The 15-Minute Miracle™.

It all started 19 years ago when I was chosen to video­tape Jacquelyn Aldana’s Playshop at the Ozark Research Institute in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Unlike the other 50 presentations I had videotaped over the years, this one spoke to me at the very depths of my soul.

As I listened to the heartfelt testimonial of Jacquelyn’s assistant, Cheri Ellison, I realized there was someone else who (just like me) had experienced enormous despair. The best part is that she had discovered a way to reconnect with God and had found a sense of fulfillment that most people only dare to dream about. I longed to find the same degree of joy that Cheri had so enthusiastically described. 

When I attended the Playshop as a participant the following day, I found it very difficult to connect with my feelings. It was way too painful to allow myself to feel much of anything.

All I experienced was that same despair, darkness and utter lack of hope that I had felt since the day I was born. I honestly felt as though I was in a dark hole with no hope of ever escaping.

I often lamented over two failed marriages and the loss of a job I really enjoyed that had afforded me a lucrative income. I prayed each night that I would never wake up…and each morning when I did awake, I cursed God for making me face one more hopeless day.

Thanks to the infinite patience of Jacquelyn and her friend, Cheri, I finally succeeded. By practicing the simple principles of The 15-Minute Miracle™, I found a “Highway to Heaven,” a “Lifeline to Hope” and a “Roadmap to Joy.” I now perceive every day of my life as both precious and priceless.

I also realize that my so-called challenges were all part of God’s divine plan to bring me to this glorious place where I am today. As I faith­fully do my 15-Minute Miracle™ each day, I honestly feel as though I am writing a love letter to life and giving it to God to deliver it as He sees fit in His infinite wisdom.

Now, before I open my eyes each morning, the first thing I do is give thanks to God, Cheri Ellison, Ron and Jacquelyn Aldana and my 15-Minute Miracle™.

by Kathleen J. Sangerof Sunset, Florida

For over eight years, I was in a loveless, miserable marriage. I was working 10-12 hours a day making an average of $200-$300 a week, struggling to pay off a credit card debt of over $14,000. Money was so scarce that I could barely afford to pay a bridge toll. My only joys in life were my children and grandchildren, but because they lived so far away, I seldom ever saw them.

Thank God a friend told me about The 15-Minute Miracle™. I ordered it on Monday, received it on Wednesday, and read the entire book all in one sitting. Somehow, I just knew things were going to change for the better and I could hardly wait to get started.

For years, I had been going from one sales job to another, each one resulting in a major letdown. On the first day of doing my 15-Minute Miracle™, I vividly imagined landing a lucrative job that I loved.

This inspired me to start responding to help-wanted ads. And on that very day, I was called in for an interview and miraculously landed the job of my dreams. That’s when my life changed…I mean my whole life changed! I now have the best job ever and everything is going my way!

Because I am consistently one of the top sales people at work, I now consider making $1,000 a very slow week. I am completely out of credit card debt, and I paid off every penny of it myself. I got a divorce and I now have the freedom to live a much happier, healthier and more productive life.

I sold my house for three times what I paid for it and I’m moving to Georgia to be with my children and grandchildren. Even my 20-year dream of owning an exotic umbrella cockatoo came true. Her name is Godiva (as in Lady Godiva). When I first put my hand in her cage, she hopped on my finger and said, “Hello…I love you.” Needless to say, she had me at “Hello”!  

Each day as I say, “I am an Irresistible Magnet for Love, Money, Miracles and More. It’s just the story of my life,” Life gently whispers, “You’re right, Kathleen! Let me show you more evidence of how right you are.”…and every day, “The Story of My Life” gets better and better!

As my way of “paying it forward,” I love giving the Deluxe Miracle Starter Kits™ to others who are seeking positive change in their lives. It feels so good to be able to offer something to people that really works.

How blessed I am to have found you and The 15-Minute Miracle™. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jacquelyn and Ron, from the bottom of my heart. As Godiva would say, “I love you.” Namaste.

by Stephanie Coffin of Salinas, California

When I was officially diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) in 1994, I felt as though my life was over. Not only was I completely void of energy, but I also suffered severe pain, uncontrollable spasms and chronic insomnia.

To make things even worse, my driver’s license was revoked because I was prone to seizures. I was terrified when my doctors predicted that my condition would become progressively worse.

 While visiting my sister in Hawaii, I read the original manuscript of The 15-Minute Miracle™ Revealed that she had been asked to proofread. As soon as I began to experiment with it, I noticed a remarkable, positive difference.

For the first time in over a year, I could get through an entire day without several naps. I began to sleep well at night, and the pain and spasms in my body began to subside. And, because I had no more seizures, I was also able to get my driver’s license reinstated.

After faithfully practicing my 15-Minute Miracle™ just twice a day for only three weeks, I no longer had even one symptom of MS. My doctors were absolutely astounded and said the symptoms would most likely reappear sometime in the future. Well, that was 26 years ago and I am still able to do more in one day than most people do in a week.

I cannot even begin to imagine going through a single day without doing my 15-Minute Miracle™. Thank you so much, Jacquelyn, for giving me my life back…and thank You, dear God, for this amazing blessing.

by Janette Walton of Yuma, Arizona

Just shortly before I discovered The 15-Minute Miracle™, I was in such physical pain and financial distress that I sometimes felt like giving up. It seemed as though things would never get better.

I was unable to find a decent job, and the arthritis in my knees was almost unbearable. Being positively focused was very difficult for me at first. I was so busy dwelling on everything that bothered me that finding the good in anything seemed impossible.

Once I started to focus on what I really appreciated in my life, however, I began to feel a little bit better. After doing the process for about three days, I noticed that my energy was higher, my body felt more flexible and my attitude was a lot more positive. The improvement in my health was absolutely astounding!

I am glad to report that I am now doing better than I ever have in my entire life. I enjoy more comfort in my body, and I truly see the beauty in everything. I even started my own business and I am making a lot more money and having much more fun than I ever did working for someone else. It’s amazing how fast everything changed for the better.

I am so glad I found The 15-Minute Miracle™. Every day is now filled with exciting opportunities and wonderful surprises. In fact, I often wonder how I ever got along without it!

by Bob Middleton of Escondido, California

My life improved dramatically after attending a weekend Playshop. At that time, I was homeless, jobless and extremely discouraged. Even worse, I had the social stigma of being on parole for three years. I felt totally alone in life…even my wife and family would have nothing to do with me.

After I began doing my 15-Minute Miracle™, I was able to sleep at night without the horrible nightmares that had plagued me for decades (flashbacks of the Vietnam War). I also noticed how much better I felt about myself and about life in general.

I felt so encouraged that I began to share this process with others on parole during my required weekly group meetings. Both my doctor (who facilitated the meetings) and my parole officer were so impressed with my improved attitude that I was officially pardoned of 80% of my parole. This was practically unheard of in the penal system.

Not only that, I now have a great job, I live with people I love and my life seems worth living again. It feels so good to have a sense of purpose and belonging.

I now see that the way I think has everything to do with the way my life turns out. I really believe that everyone in prison and on parole should know about this process. That’s why I volunteer my time to teach it to other parolees.

I often wonder how my life might have been had I learned about things like this as a child. If I knew then what I know now, I seriously doubt that I would have ever ended up in prison. Who knows, perhaps someday I can share this process with someone who has enough influence to get it into the public school system.

It sure feels good to do something that makes other people feel better about themselves. Every time I say something that offers another person just a little bit of hope, I reassure myself that my life can get better as well.

By the way, if anyone dares to tell you that miracles don’t happen and that dreams never come true, you can be absolutely sure they haven’t heard about The 15-Minute Miracle™.

by Debbie Voltura of San Francisco, California

For many years I struggled, to no avail, to find work that offered me a sense of personal fulfillment. Understanding my plight, a dear friend of mine suggested I casually experiment with The 15-Minute Miracle™.

It was truly amazing – I felt better immediately after filling in the blanks on the simple form in the Miracle Manifestation Manual. I wrote about something that ignited my passion for living. I saw myself traveling to wonderful places expressing my full potential as a profes­sional singer.

I envisioned doing some­thing fun and exciting that was also financially rewarding. Just pondering all of these possibilities made me feel exhilarated.

Less than 90 minutes later, the phone rang. Adrenaline flooded my veins when I realized it was Louise L. Hay…one of America’s most famous authors and motiva­tional speakers! When she asked if I would consider going on tour with her to sing at her “Empowering Women Seminars” around the country, I thought I had entered the “Twilight Zone.”

How could this be? Everything I envisioned had come to pass only 90 minutes after doing The 15-Minute Miracle™ for the very first time! This was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced!

What a perfect opportunity to become abundantly prosperous while doing what I love more than anything else in the world…joyfully sharing my thoughts and feelings through music.

If The 15-Minute Miracle™ had anything to do with this incredibly synchro­nistic event, I can hardly wait to do it again!

by Debbie Voltura (again) of San Francisco, California

I had already experienced amazing results only 90 minutes after doing my first 15-Minute Miracle™. Just in case it was only a fluke, however, I decided to really put this enigmatic process to the test.

To see what would happen, I playfully envisioned three things I desired to experience. First, I saw myself finding a parking spot right in front of every place I intended to go that day. The odds of winning the lottery are higher than finding even one such parking place in San Francisco.

Then I vividly imagined receiving some form of unexpected income, plus a delightful surprise gift that would tickle my fancy. Here is an account of what actually happened all in one day:

Amazingly, I found a parking spot right in front of the first place I went that day. Although very pleased, I wasn’t overly impressed. When, however, I found parking spots right out in front of the next three places I visited, I became ecstatic!

Later that day, I was dumbfounded when I opened my car door only to find a dollar bill right in front of me on the street (the unexpected income I had playfully imagined). As if that weren’t enough, I picked it up and almost passed out from shock…right underneath it was a beautiful 14k-gold bracelet (obviously the surprise gift I had envisioned).

Well, I don’t require any further dramatic demonstrations to prove that The 15-Minute Miracle™ actually works. I now look forward to each new day because this Game of Life has just become much more fun to play!

by Michelle Peterson of San Jose, CA

I felt as though I were drowning in a sea of despair going down for the third time. It all started a few years ago when my husband suffered a severe nervous break­down. He not only lost 44 pounds, but he also lost his joy for living and all hope for the future. He succumbed to such chronic depression that he was unable to work for nearly a year.

As a result, we were both down, discouraged and paralyzed with fear. Just when I thought all hope was lost, one of my thoughtful clients loaned me The 15-Minute Miracle™ Revealed. This life-altering book turned out to be the lifeline that saved our sanity, our marriage and all that we had worked so hard for over the years.

I experienced my first miracle when I called to order my Deluxe Miracle Starter Kit™. The author lived only ten minutes from where I worked, so she called and said she would personally deliver the materials to me. Not only did she hand deliver them, but she also spent an hour sharing positive ideas that instantly infused my spirit with hope.

On Day 21 of journaling in the Miracle Manifestation Manual, my husband came back to life as though he had awakened from a bad dream. And 21 days after that, we received a sizable disability check from Social Security that was approved against all odds.

When I showed him what I had written then showed him the check, he realized what I was doing was verifiable as well as miraculous. As he began to do the process himself, he made remarkable progress.

Because good fortune has consistently prevailed in our lives since we attended The 15-Minute Miracle™ Playshops, we are eager to share what we learned with others. We now realize that everything we experienced was nothing short of a divine gift.

Because we were able to overcome such enormous challenges, we now know that we can easily overcome “difficult challenges.” The “impossible challenges” may take a little bit longer, but with our 15-Minute Miracle™, we know we can do it!

by Gemma Bauer of Felton, California

For well over ten years, I suffered with the excruciating pain of RA  (Rheumatoid Arthritis). I tried just about every healing modality imaginable, but nothing seemed to bring lasting relief. I then read Jacquelyn’s book and dabbled with The 15-Minute Miracle™ for a couple of days. After seeing no immediate results, I figured it was just one more modality that didn’t work.

It wasn’t until I later attended a Playshop that I discovered WHY it hadn’t worked for me. In my eagerness to get rid of the agonizing pain, I skipped Step #1 (the Appreciation Step). Little did I realize that gratitude was the essential element that made it possible for all of the other steps to work to my benefit. I discovered, after the fact, that appreciation was the cornerstone of the process and key to miraculous manifestation.

On the morning after the Playshop, I did my 15-Minute Miracle™ with renewed enthus­­iasm. This time I made sure to first write about the many things I appreciated. Next, I elaborated on how I love it when I feel flexible and comfortable in my body.

In Step #3, I envisioned myself doing something very special that day with my mate Neal. In that very moment, I felt a wave of comfort and ease flooding my entire body. There was no doubt in my mind that something very wonderful was about to happen!

Just then, Neal came in and suggested we drive up the coast to find a special place to enjoy the day together. As we walked briskly through the deep sand on a picturesque beach, he shouted, “Look, Gemma! You’re able to easily keep up with me and you’re not even limping!” Only then did I realize how comfortable, flexible and fluid all of my move­ments were.

What a miracle to feel such tremendous freedom in my body. What was even more amazing was that I hadn’t even taken my pain medication that day! My prayers were finally answered and my dreams really did come true. I now feel as though my life has only just begun.

This experience now reassures me that limitations are in the past. As a result of releasing so much negativity in my life, my body naturally released harmful toxins and the excess weight I had carried for over ten years – another fantastic bonus I never would have expected!

Jacquelyn, your kind words, your loving thoughts and your extra­ordinary insights have deeply touched my life. Mere words cannot even begin to convey how very grateful I am to you, your courageous husband, and the amazing 15-Minute Miracle™. You and Ron have made my life worth living again. May God bless you and reward you abundantly.

by Dawne Kathleen McDonald of Santa Cruz, California

If I hadn’t volunteered to cater one of Jacquelyn’s Playshops in 2003, I’m not sure where I would be today. I honestly believe that what I learned that day actually saved my life.

Just prior to attending the Playshop, my husband and I were struggling to make ends meet and our marriage was far from ideal. I didn’t think things could possibly get any worse…but I was wrong!

My worst nightmare began when, through an unfortunate turn of events, I ended up with three broken ribs and severely bruised lungs. It was all I could do to even breathe.

At that time, I had no home, no food, no money, no job, and no visible means of support. Even my car was out of commission. I had never in my entire life experienced such destitution.

Thank God I was introduced to The 15-Minute Miracle™ a few months before this happened because it provided the roadmap I needed to regain my emotional balance and successfully reconstruct my life.

I temporarily moved in with my daughter and grandson until I could heal and gain enough strength to work again. Using the principles of The One-Minute Miracle™ and The 15-Minute Miracle™, I landed a phenomenal job that included a beautiful two-bedroom home with space for a garden.

With the support of good friends and the money I was now earning, I was able to get my car running and buy the necessities of life. I cannot remember a time when I have ever felt so free and happy.

I now share the “Miracle Message” with others who are experiencing hard times as my way of giving back, and I also regularly assist Jacquelyn at her Playshops. For the first time in my life, I am truly grateful to be alive. I finally fell in love with Life and everything in it…including myself.

by Sunnee Kee-Roman of Nevada City, California

Before I met Jacquelyn, I was extremely depressed as a result of a serious illness that had left me unable to work. When my boyfriend became overwhelmed with my problems and decided to leave, I was devastated.

Thank God a close friend called and told me about The 15-Minute Miracle™. She said, “If your life is not exactly the way you want it to be, just do this amazing little process and watch the miracles start to magically flow into your life.” I called and ordered the books immediately. As soon as they arrived, I began doing the process right away.

I specifically focused on manifesting three things: to fully regain my health; to attract a loving life partner; and to find a way to make a prosperous living doing some­thing fun. As of this writing, my health is at an all-time high and I can’t remember when I have ever been more content.

It’s hard to even recall how discouraged I felt before because my life is so extraordinary now. So many opportunities have come my way that my biggest challenge is in deciding which ones to accept.

Best of all, I am living the life I love, happily married to the love of my life. We have our own business and we’re making such abundant income that we now feel financially liberated. As far as I’m concerned, The 15-Minute Miracle™ is equiva­lent to oxygen. This is why I definitely plan to use it for the rest of my life!

by Debba Boles of Ogden, Utah

Prior to becoming aware of The 15-Minute Miracle™, I was clinically depressed and extremely suicidal for well over five years. Since I had a wonderful son who loved and adored me, I knew that taking my own life was definitely not an option.

My dilemma, however, was “How was I going to be able to continue to live in this overwhelming state of despair?” Although doctors experimented with over 30 different anti-depressant drugs to treat my symptoms of chronic depression, nothing seemed to help.

I tried hypnotherapy, counseling, and just about everything short of electroshock therapy. I felt as though I would be eternally trapped in a world of darkness and despair, and I desperately wanted out.

After reading The 15-Minute Miracle™ books that were given to me by my cousins, I decided to enroll in the next Playshop. What a life-changing experience that was!

For the first time in my life, I realized that I deserved to be happy. What a concept! This revelation allowed me to view life in a completely different way. As soon as I began to feel truly grateful for the things I used to take for granted, I noticed a multitude of little miracles magically showing up in my life.

Since beginning this amazing miracle journey, my life has blos­somed into a beautiful state of being. Even when I have my occasional challenging moments, I now remember to use my miracle tools, which allow me to quickly regain my balance in ways that are comfortable, convenient, easy and safe.

For the five years I suffered from depression, I was totally unable to work. I am proud to report that I am now a highly-sought-after trainer for spiritual enlightenment doing something I love and making a good living.

And because of my passion for the “Miracle Message” coupled with my experience in teaching, Jacquelyn gave me permission to teach The 15-Minute Miracle™ to my clients and customers.

All is now extremely well in my world, and I can honestly say that I’m grateful to be alive more than ever before! All I can say is “Thank God my dear cousins gave me The 15-Minute Miracle™ books.”

by Joanne P. Johnson of San Jose, California

I had my first panic attack at age 17. Until you have experienced the gripping fear that panic attacks evoke, it’s hard for the average person to understand what it’s like. My worst episodes occurred when I began traditional hormone replacement therapy at age 50.

I was extremely agora­phobic (afraid of open spaces) and rarely ever went out in public. I was really discouraged until one night when I saw Jacquelyn Aldana on TV. The next day I called and told her I wanted to attend a Playshop, but even “thought” of leaving my house triggered a panic attack.

Jacquelyn then offered to teach me The One-Minute Miracle™, a quick and simple process that immediately cleared my long-standing fears and empowered me with new-found courage. It was absolute amazing!

Within a matter of minutes, I felt safe enough to leave home …drive my car…and go shopping by myself for the first time in several years. Even when I expected to be plagued by panic attacks from time to time due to challenging circumstances, they didn’t seem to erupt.

After attending Jacquelyn’s Playshop, I felt more confident and courageous than ever. I truly believe that mastering The One-MinuteMiracle™, The 15-MinuteMiracle™, and “Words that Work Wonders” made it easy for me to consistently enjoy a much higher quality of life.

With total confidence, I highly recommend The 15-Minute Miracle Playshops™ to anyone who suffers from agoraphobia or panic attacks. If these easy-to-learn modalities can work miracles for me, I am sure they can work for anyone!

by Lisa Racine of Thousand Oaks, California

Because of my enormous success with this process, I wanted to share it with others. I recently facilitated an eight-week 15-Minute Miracle™ Study Group. The majority of my group happened to be members of my family, which provided a wonderful opportunity for all of us to become closer than ever before.

Life is no fun at all when your kids are unhappy, your spouse is discontent, your finances are scarce, you hate your job and you’re struggling every minute of every day just to keep everything together.

This is exactly what my life looked like before my sister gave me a copy of The 15-Minute Miracle™ Revealed. As soon as I began to put the principles to work, everything in my life began to immediately change for the better.

I was so encouraged with my results that my husband and I drove 300 miles to go to a weekend Playshop. This was the beginning of a whole new life, not only for me, but for my entire family.

My husband began to interact with our children in ways that inspired them to demonstrate their potential more than ever before. He also created his own business, which turned out to be the best vocational decision he ever made. He is in such demand that he is completely booked for over six months.

Because my husband is much happier now and feels more fulfilled, our marriage is so much richer and more romantic now. In fact, we cele­brated our newfound love for life and for each other by renewing our wedding vows this summer in Las Vegas.

And there’s even more good news! My accountant just called and told me we were due to receive an unexpected tax refund of over $7,900.00. This definitely exceeded my wildest expectations. It’s absolutely amazing – every day seems to get better than the one before! 

Whoever would have thought that something so fun and easy could be this powerful? I am so grateful to you, Jacquelyn, for creating this easy-to-do and easy-to-teach program. You and Ron are such blessings in my life. Thank you very much for all that you have done for me and my entire family.

I plan to offer another eight-week course in the near future because it not only benefited my students, but it also added greatly to my own personal growth.

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